Underwater housings, well-known under model name NEXUS, designed by Toshikazu Kozawa and his team (ANTHIS Co.Ltd., Japan) are unique combination of simplicity of design and complexity of engineering. Underwater photographer for many years, Toshi Kozawa founded ANTHIS Co.Ltd. in 1991. All housings produced by ANTHIS are supremely compact, have excellent control layouts and built for intensive use. ANTHIS supports their housings with an incredibly extensive line of ports and port accessories that covers the most extreme wide angle and super-macro requirements. It is true to say, that ANTHIS continues to offer Nexus housings and accessories at the very competitive price, which we would consider to be below their real market value. ANTHIS professional grade housings are very affordable for either beginner or experienced underwater photographer.

We are exclusive distributor of Anthis Co. Ltd.  in Singapore

Grey market Alert ! 

Few companies in Singapore trying to sell ANTHIS product. They are not an authorized re-sellers of ANTHIS products in Singapore.  Any ANTHIS products purchased from them voids the warranty and will not be serviced or supported in either Singapore or Japan. We provide servicing with original spare parts for all ANTHIS product. Pressure testing is also available. Direct shipment from Japan.